The Recovery Concierge offers four unique programs. The only prerequisite is a genuine readiness to change.

Recovery Concierge First Response

Who it’s for:

You think – or already know – you have issues with substance abuse and/or addictive behaviors but you are unsure about what to do next. You’re at the very beginning of your recovery journey and need help making sense of your options. You’re hesitant about how to begin this process and need guidance – so you can cut through the confusion and create an immediate action plan for success.

What’s included:

  • Clinical web-based assessment to help you understand your unique problem areas and what “next steps” are needed
  • Connecting you to appropriate resources and services, which may include therapists, doctors, mentors, or other recovery experts
  • Customized plan of outlined recommendations for treatment, including recovery monitoring, check ups, and a wellness plan with action steps for diet, exercise, mental health care, emotional support and spiritual development
  • Goal-setting support and regular check-ins to assess your progress
  • Ongoing guidance and support – I will act as your advocate throughout your journey to wellness

If you’re ready to create a life you dream of, I’m deeply commited to helping you get there.

Recovery Concierge Aftercare

Who it’s for:

Are you newly sober or attempting to reintegrate back into your life after primary treatment or abstinence? If you have achieved a level of sobriety and are motivated to further transform your life, the Recovery Concierge Aftercare program is the best place to start. Alternately, if you keep relapsing and need additional support, this program is a fit for you, too.

What’s included:

An all-encompassing program that will suit your unique needs:

  • Individual assessment to determine your goals, needs, and specific objectives
  • We will build a complete wrap-around support structure that includes an interdisciplinary support team of therapists, physicians, mentors, and services to help lead your recovery
  • Detailed and unique plan of outlined recommendations for your treatment, including recovery monitoring, check ups, and a wellness plan with action steps for diet, exercise, mental health care, emotional support, and spiritual development
  • Comprehensive orientation to get you acquainted with the program so you know what to expect
  • Weekly and monthly goal-setting support
  • Peer support and mentoring
  • Support group for your family to help them become educated and integrated into the recovery process

Think you’re a match for the Recovery Concierge program?

Recovery Works Program –  Recovery That Works!!

Who it’s for:

You’ve been in recovery for a while, but you’re unsure how to move forward, find continued support, and make a true transformation in your life. You’re scared and confused about how to enter into the next phase of your recovery and live a “normal” life. You may be struggling with maladaptive behaviors, limiting beliefs or attitudes, and other issues that prevent a “thriving-not-just-surviving” mentality and state in recovery.

What’s included:

  • Membership in private “virtual cafe” for accountability, connection, interaction, and group coaching. This will be a safe space for you to share problems, find support, and receive daily inspiration.
  • Training modules, video podcasts, worksheets, and group calls that support the achievement of your goals and enable long-term change
  • A journey map to help you understand what tools and strategies are and aren’t working in your recovery
  • One-time program fee for lifetime access to content
  • Possible invitation to be part of mentoring training program to provide peer support and act as a sober mentor for other Recovery Concierge clients
  • Emphasis on mastery of key life areas that impact your recovery: food, relationships, exercise, daily rituals, thought processes, habits, and more.

Interested in learning more about the Recovery Works program?

Master Mentoring

Who it’s for:

You have a recovery plan but you need more one-on-one support to execute it and stay on track. You want to go deeper and are motivated to take that next step. If you’ve tried and failed on your own, are frustrated with your lack of progress, or you want more personalized attention, accountability, and ongoing support, this program may be right for you. Mentoring includes access to the Recovery Works materials in addition to individual mentoring sessions.

What’s included:

  • Weekly private phone or Skype sessions that focus on customized solutions and ongoing accountability for meeting your goals
  • Email support to give you additional feedback and help
  • Complete access to the Recovery Works materials and resources​

Ready for more support through the Master Mentoring program?

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