Transforming Lives, Families, and Communities

The Recovery Concierge can help you build the life you dream of so you can thrive – not just survive – in sobriety.

The “one-size-fits-all” approach to addiction and chemical dependency treatment often misses the mark.

It fails to address you as a whole person, and it’s often equated with the absence of fun, sacrifice, and fear-based tactics that make a life of sobriety seem like a constant battle.

Sustainable change ​is​ possible in recovery, and I help individuals and families achieve this change in order to bring about true fulfillment, peace, and happiness.

Helping you build a unique, custom-based clinical wellness and recovery plan, The Recovery Concierge enables you to reintegrate back into your life and community with the resources, strategies, and support for continued success.

I take into consideration your physical, mental, and emotional needs in order to create a holistic recovery action plan. Armed with a clear personal mission and an understanding of what’s holding you back from true transformation, I customize a roadmap for you to accomplish this – and to reach your highest potential.

Ready for true transformation?

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Treatment and Empowerment

With a strong pulse on the industry and a tenacious, yet spirited, approach, I am passionate about treating chemical dependency and addiction as any other illness and empowering long-term transformation in my clients.

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A Better Way

I created The Recovery Concierge because I saw that not all recovery services are timely, efficient, or effective at producing long-term, sustainable change.

Customized Approach

Whether you’re newly sober and seeking help or you’re seasoned in sobriety but still struggling, I believe your recovery plan should be as unique as you are. 
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