Soberlink Device – An Advanced Aid To Recovery

Certified SOBERLINK ProviderClick HERE to contact us and see how a SOBERLINK Device Can help you!
As a Certified Soberlink Provider, our staff is trained on how to best utilize Soberlink to support our clients recovery. The Soberlink program keeps our clients connected to their support network in a way that does not disrupt day to day life. Soberlink testing is a great reminder of recovery, and self reporting to loved ones is no longer necessary thanks to real-time documentation through Soberlink technology.

Studies show the longer a person stays involved with a consistent monitoring, the better the long-term outcome.The Soberlink program delivers real-time blood alcohol results to anyone, anytime. The visibility of results strengthens relationships and allows for a timely intervention when necessary. Ultimately, these shared results are documented and promote accountability.


The Benefits of Using Soberlink

For Participants

  • Stay connected with your recovery circle
  • Builds accountability and structure
  • Documents Sobriety

For Families

  • Share in the recovery process
  • Helps rebuild trust
  • Provides peace-of-mind

How Does Soberlink Work

Soberlink Cellular Devices use facial recognition technology to confirm identity during each breath test. BAC results are wirelessly transmitted in real time via Verizon’s Private Network to Soberlink’s cloud-based recovery management software. The Soberlink System allows for custom testing schedules, as well as specific notification and automated report settings.

Click HERE to contact us and see how a SOBERLINK Device Can help you!

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