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Professional endorsements and testimonials.

“Killer Instincts, genuine compassion, and a razor sharp intellect, Jeanne Foot is leading the way for a new model of Recovery.”

Elizabeth McGann
Founder of Energy Fix,

“Every now and then you meet a rare person who is both passionate and uniquely talented. Jeanne Foot is such a person. She is passionately committed to advancing the health of young people in our society who are confronting mental health and addiction issues. And she also has a remarkable talent for understanding our fractured system of care and for defining what is needed to fix it. And as a result, she is doing something about it.  In developing and nurturing and shaping the Family Navigation Project at Sunnybrook she has been creative, tireless and completely indispensable. I believe her profound contribution to the mental health of our youth is only just beginning and I look forward to the outcomes from her new and innovative programs and services.”

Dr. Anthony Levitt
Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto
Chief, Brain Sciences Program, and Medical Director, Family Navigation Project, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

“Jeanne brings passion and a commitment to excellence, to everything she does. This is especially true for her work in recovery. As a result, Jeanne works tirelessly to find the right solutions and is an asset to all who work with her. She is a consummate professional whom I know I can trust and rely on.”

Sarah Finney, MS, LMFT
Therapeutic Placement Consultant, Finney Consulting

“I want to give a personal recommendation to Jeanne Foot. She has extensive knowledge about addiction. She is compassionate and extremely resourceful as well as relentless in her search for solutions. I would not hesitate to seek or refer her services in dealing with personal or familial addiction issues.”

Marsha Black, B.Ed., D.C.

“My  experience with Jeanne is that she uses modern practices and time-tested recovery concepts that work and mixes in a gentle approach catered to the practical wishes of the subject. Jeanne is always willing to go the extra mile to be there in many different capacities for  her recovery subject. Although our journeys’ taken me on a different path. There are countless little bits of gentle inspiration and peace giving guidance  that add up to quite an impact. I look forward to the time when we get to work together again. My heart says we will.

Nathan Berg

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