Use the daily practice tool as a simple way to stay focused and on track.

Remember, if you don’t create consistent momentum, you are either working one step towards your goals or one step further away.

Daily Practice

If you’re ready for recovery that t​ruly​ works – no matter where you’re at in your journey – download my free “Daily Practice” tool.

dailypracticetoolIt’s a simple-to-use guide that can help you see where in your growth and recovery you are on track, or where you can make a commitment to strengthen your recovery “muscles” in areas like: Abstinence from destructive behaviors

Are you managing or avoiding addictive behaviors like drinking, drug use, overeating, or shopping? Spiritual growth

Are you making conscious time for prayer or meditation in some form? Moral reflection

Are you being honorable with your word? Are you helping others and maintaining your integrity in your actions and behaviors? General Inventory

How are you protecting your sobriety? How are you feeling about your life in general? Fun + Joy

How are you nurturing yourself and bringing more joy to your life?

Download the Daily Practice here.

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