May Cause Miracles – Being Cool, Hip and Sober


Being Cool, Hip and Sober May Cause Miracles

A 40 day program to create subtle shifts for radical change AND sustainable recovery!

Based on the New York Times Best Seller


by Gabby Bernstein.

This program is for you if:

▲You feel you are close to your goals, yet they are still out of reach.

▲If you’re feeling like you need a miracle or two… or MAYBE you don’t even believe in miracles.

▲If you’re ready for a breakthrough and want to learn how to truly be happy in life.  Sobriety is the admission price that sets you on the path, but living life is where the work begins.


Program starts January 7,2018. Don’t delay, space is limited. Purchase now online with only one payment of $197 plus HST

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This is for you, if you want to amplify your relationships, self-worth, sobriety, and success patterns.


You will be guided through a 6-week program based on New York Times Bestseller Gabby Bernstein’s book, MAY CAUSE MIRACLES, through the lenses of addiction and holistic recovery.
Jeanne is a May Cause Miracles Coach and Gabby Bernstein Spirit Junkie Level 1 & 2 graduate who has been trained by Gabby to teach the principles of this guidebook.
The book is not necessary to take this course, although the material in it is invaluable and highly recommended to further your success. It is recommended to schedule approximately 15 minutes a day to allow for meditation and personal reflection/journaling.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Week one:

Cool, Hip and Sober!

What to expect and why you may want to stay the path? As your teacher and guide, I understand how recovery can often be equated with the absence of fun, scarifies and fear-based tactics that make a life of sobriety seem like a constant battle. 
We will get started by learning to identify how fear exists as various blocks in your life and contributes to your addictive patterns by exploring the key principles: witnessing your fear, willingness to change, shifts in perception, gratitude, forgiveness, and miracles.

Week two:

The most important relationship you will ever have is with YOU!

In this module we will examine how your adaptive behaviours have kept you from fulfillment and we learn to reclaim the lost parts of ourselves.
This week we will take an honest look how fear has held you back from your purpose and true emotional intimacy/romantic bliss. You will be offered powerful tools from A Course in Miracles that will lead you to experience immediate internal shifts around romance, whether you’re single or attached.

Week three:

Relationships in Addiction and Recovery.

 I could spend the whole course on this subject alone as we are all in relationship with someone.  Every person you have in your life is a relationship of some form. In recovery the individual often isn’t the only one who’s struggling. Addiction is a family disease; thus, recovery is a family solution. This week we will dig deeper to assess, strengthen and repair your family relationships.

Week four:

Self-worth, Yes, I am talking about you!

Quite possibly the most important relationship you will ever be in, is with yourself.  Learn how fear and has blocked your abundance in life. You will be guided through exercises that will strengthen your mindset and activate gratitude. You will learn how to love yourself and leave with the power to achieve abundance not only in your life, but also within your recovery.
Week five:

Making peace with our body image

 This week it’s time to dig deeper and examine your patterns of sabotage and how it is intimately tied to your self worth.
Food is a complicated relationship and being in relationship with food is an ongoing process.  Some can’t get enough, some don’t want any at all. Aside from that we are constantly bombarded with conflicting information from the media about diets about how to lose weight and finally look bikini body read. Our relationships with food and our body can easily become negative patterns of self- sabotage. This week you will be guided through discovering that any food and body issues you have are products of your beliefs.  I will walk you through exercises that will help you identify and create a shift in your self- sabotaging patterns ad re-write your story.

Week six:

Purpose and fulfillment, who do you want to be when you grow up?

Learn about the importance of finding your true mission and purpose.  I will guide you to find true alignment in your life as you find radical self love and strengthen your relationship with yourself and you’ll become willing to release old patterns of self-attack, find true fulfillment and how to implement lasting recovery.

 Jeanne is a Certified Addiction Counsellor, Somatic Recovery Coach and Founder of The Recovery Concierge. Her mission is to be fearlessly authentic, share her knowledge and help others break free from the addiction and live a life of purpose.
Jeanne incorporates a variety of different modalities that address you as a person, and your unique needs. Jeanne has spent thousands of hours or both professional and clinical training over the past 10 years and has distilled them into an easy and enjoyable teachable format to help you navigate the nuances of rebuilding your life in early sobriety. 
Jeanne’s personal mission statement is to help other who have walked a similar path of heart-ache; which includes intergenerational trauma, addiction and mental illness, trauma, abuse and self esteem issues and help you build a life that makes long term sobriety and happiness sustainable.   
If you are on the fence about enrolling or still questioning, message me at  You can seriously upgrade your quality of living now.   Don’t keep waiting on saying YES to your life’s path.  Your purpose. Busting through my own fears and limiting beliefs, and becoming an energetic match for my desires, has allowed me to live a life full of adventure, love, joy and abundance and I want you to experience the same reality! Leaning into the fear was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Lean into your purpose. Let’s do this! It’s time to create Miracles. Enroll NOW and I will include these additional bonuses FREE!

  1. Weekly inspirations ‘Sobriety Bytes’ delivered to your inbox.
  2. Weekly Reflections and soul work.
  3. Private Facebook group for community and knowledge exchange.
  4. Guided curriculum for addiction, recovery and thriving

Enroll before December 15, 2017 at 11:59 PM EST and I’ll include an EXTRA bonus ($200 value)

A one to one individual 50 minute personal DEEP DIVE session with me.

This session is designed to deepen your unique learning experience.

Program starts January 7,2018. Don’t delay, space is limited. Purchase now online with only one payment of $197 plus HST


US $

Purchasing the May Cause Miracles book is recommended, but optional.  The book is not included in the cost of the program.

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 9.34.47 PM.pngMay Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness

By Gabrielle Bernstein
USA purchase book here 
CANADA purchase book here 

What if I told you that there were techniques that I have applied to my life to bust through my blocks & create the mindset that allowed me to create my wildest dreams, would you do it?


Still unsure? I know that you can not be the same person if you commit to this course fully and offer a 100% money back guarantee if you find this does not seriously upgrade your life in any way!

Program starts January 7,2018. Don’t delay, space is limited. Purchase now online with only one payment of $197 plus HST


US $


You will be empowered to continue to transform and to create a life full of purpose so you can shine your divine light into the world! 

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