Learn how to get high naturally…. interested?

Getting high in recovery may sound controversial, risky and opposing to what you may presently know.  But what if you can have a shift in your consciousness, feel elated, experience the true joy of being alive and more present through your behavior, without ingesting drugs and alcohol, would you like to know more?

I first heard the term “getting high” in recovery from my friend and mentor Tommy Rosen, Founder of Recovery 2.0., who talks about ‘accessing the pharmacy within”. “I am a big proponent of getting high in recovery, just not in destructive ways.”  “The drugs you are really look for are right there within you. They are distributed throughout your body in the way nature intended, via the endocrine, or glandular, system. The head pharmacist is represented by the pituitary gland, the master of the endocrine system, which sorts out messages between the brain and the body. Your endocrine and nervous system work closely to regulate and harmonize your experience. When all is flowing according to plan, your nervous system provides all it inputs to the endocrine system, which releases the right drugs in the right mount to the right places at the right time.  This is called feeling good”.

When I heard this concept, I thought what a revolutionary idea.  Getting high naturally, why not?  There are no risks, it’s safe and pleasurable, who wouldn’t want more of that?

As humans, we are wired for pleasure and to avoid pain, we will naturally move closer to anything that brings us comfort and gives us a sense of ease and we will avoid discomfort.

Before we go deeper as to how to achieve this enlightened state of mind, I want to be clear that I am not misleading anyone here, or I may be misunderstood.

We are talking about ‘finding ways to get high naturally’ without drugs and alcohol!

More on that in a second!

Navigating our life without substances to help achieve this shift in our consciousness can be challenging if we have always operated with chemical assistance.  We are looking for natural ways we can access more pleasure chemicals from our ‘pharmacy within’ without using substances.  Before we move forward it is important for us to understand our history.

We are people who suffer from painful histories; abuse, neglect, chemical dependency, depression, anxiety and stabilizing our thoughts and moods is a mission within its self.

The pathway to sobriety is an admirable and often painful one which brings its unique gifts. But sobriety can also be overwhelming, staid and not always so much fun, as we are asked to navigate every aspect of our lives without drugs and alcohol. You see substances were the fuel that made our life feel like it had purpose, made us feel good, took away our discomfort and ‘di-ease’, which is why it cab be so challenging to do this naturally.

Our brain chemistry is left with a deficit of dopamine, making it difficult to feel pleasure, without ingesting a surge of chemicals or engaging in other addictive behaviors such as food, sex, shopping and gaming, again.   When we stop our addictive patterns, performing simple activities that are typically enjoyable and pleasurable can feel insurmountable afterwards which is why relapse is so easy to fall prey to, as we wait for our brains to be able to recalibrate.

We are all made of a chemical composition of different hormones and our brain chemistry is indeed running the show here, so if we want to have fun without fueling our brains to repeat old destructive patterns of behaviors, we better figure out how to access the natural pharmacy with our selves.

Our brains are vulnerable and we must recognize that Addiction is a brain disorder, not a moral failing.

Millions of us have overcome pain, trauma, family dysfunction, and heartache. We have transformed out adversity into many strengths and it’s gifts are typically revealed thorough that all too family, painful difficult path that often accompanies sobriety.

We are people who like to have fun, we are spirited in nature, we seek love and connection, have a love for the simple thing in life, and wish to feel comfortable within our own skin. We can be colorful and may say and do outlandish things.

BUT, in early sobriety or long term recovery, we are asked to change every aspect of our lifestyle, friends, social outlets, and activities and to do so without substances. There is no incentive to commit to sobriety, unless we gain more than we lost.

For people in sobriety, finding alternative ways to ‘get high’ may seem contrary to what we have been taught about recovery and emotional sobriety. 

Over the years, I have marveled at how suddenly I can be in a state of mind that represents pure joy and bliss, despite all the real irritants that are going on in my life. When this happens, you bet I am playing close attention to what I am experiencing so I can repeat this again.

The big game changer for me has been ‘my daily practice’ which consists of a commitment to prayer, gratitude, and mediation which allows me to renew my mind and gain perspective for my day ahead.  When I incorporate this simple habit in to my routine, I am resilient in my life and do not attach or become stuck to the daily irritants that often accompany my life.

So, what does ‘getting high’ in recovery look like? I believe it means getting serious about your level of FUN daily! Upgrade your quality of life, increasing your fun quota daily.  Know what works for you and witnessing what changes your brain chemistry. Maybe it is a walk-in nature, or going to a meeting, connecting with a friend, or listening to your favorite tunes.

Since I have been in recovery, I have spent a lot of time seeking, learning and growing to make up for lost time.  I hear this is a common theme for some of us.  But, I believe the true ‘litmus test’ to one’s sobriety, is how balanced and enjoyable our lives have become?

Having gratitude for the small wonders in our lives is often overlooked. Seeking pleasure and fun is sometimes nonexistent in our life’s as we are SO busy making up for lost time.

So, I invite you to join me on the ‘natural high daily challenge”. I will post daily in a closed FB page called “Natural High Society” and I will share my ‘natural high of the day’ and invite you to join me and post yours.  Join the natural high society and make each day a serious upgrade to your quality of living.  Upping our level of happiness is a birthright, not a privilege!!

Visit our FACEBOOK page at and leave a post to join our Natural High Society group today!

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